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Nov 18,2016 No comments yet By Origo

DTU and Origo announce Science Cloud aimed at the Danish research community

The organization CITIES under Denmarks Technical University has ordered a private cloud from Origo Systems with expected entry into general service January 3rd 2017. CITIES needs lots of computing power for calculations and for running custom scientific applications, and have chosen Origo Systems’ hardware og software platform for building a scalable scientific infrastructure cloud.

Start scientific applications with one click

As part of the project Origo Systems will be delivering an accompanying scientific app store from which commonly used scientific applications can be run with a single click and scaled elastically across an arbitrary number of servers. This will be available at the domain sciencecloud.dk.

The long-term goal of the project give all interested Danish scientists access to simple, scalable computing facilities in a user-friendly infrasctructure cloud.

Open access, storage and cataloging og scientific data

Applications on sciencecloud.dk will be tightly integrated with DTU’s storage solution aimed at scientists – data.deic.dk, meaning that applications doing calculations in sciencecloud.dk will have direct access to read and write data to and from data.deic.dk.

CITIES is working hard on making the modern city more intelligent.
At Origo Systems we develop and implement private clouds based on our own hardware and software stack.

Follow these links to know more about CITIES and Origo.
If you are interested in knowing more about the project, please leave a comment or contact us.

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