Service Fees

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Price model

Origo Cloud pricing is based on your average monthly usage of ressources. Prices are fixed in Danish Crowns [DKK]. If you choose to pay in other currencies we bill you according to current exchange rates.
Each 1-click Cloud App is separately priced. Before installing a Cloud App your should always check the pricing, which is posted on its page. An example is the WordPress App, which is priced at 100 kr per month if you run it 24/7 an entire month. If you only want to try out an app, you can safely just fire it up, run it for a few minutes of hours, and only pay pennies.

The minimum usage unit is 1 minute. We include 1 TB of outbound traffic per month free of charge. After that we charge 0.4 DKK per GB per month.

Standard prices

If you choose not to run a 1-click Cloud App, and design a server yourself by uploading an image or installing from an ISO, the standard prices below are charged. Bear in mind, that if you need to run more than a few servers 24/7, you are welcome to request a custom quote.

  • Number of active vCPU’s: 125 DKK per vCPU per month
  • Amount of active or reserved memory: 75 DKK per GB per month
  • Amount of provisioned standard storage (+300 IOPS): 1.0 DKK per GB per month
  • Amount of provisioned fast storage (local SSD +2000 IOPS): 3.0 DKK per GB per month
  • Number of reserved external IP addresses: 50 DKK per IP address per month
  • Number of virtual servers under service agreement: 500 DKK per server per month

A service agreement [SA] for a server means that our ops team will monitor your server and get alerted  if any of the services you have chosen to monitor trigger an alert. The operations engineer handling a server with failed services will perform any recovery procedures you may have written in the associated field, and reach out to the email addresses and cell phone numbers provided, if he fails to bring the services back up. Our ops team is on duty 24/7 all year.

For business critical servers you may also choose to involve us more directly and hands-on in you server administration. This involves negotiating extended service agreements for your servers. Please contact us if this is of interest to your organization.

Professional services

We also do time-based work. Hourly rates are listed below:

  • Software development, project management, infrastructure management: 900 DKK per hour
  • Technical support: 750 DKK per hour

Fibre connections and VoIP

We offer direct fibre connections to our customers in Denmark. This gives access to high bandwidth/low latency connections directly to your servers running in Origo Cloud, and makes it viable for even large enterprises to run applications like file servers and VoIP servers in our public cloud.

Customers who have a direct fibre connection to our data center can also purchase Internet traffic, and use us as Internet provider. Rates are listed below:

  • LAN Internet traffic, 1 Gbit/s link, 100/100 Mbit/s cap: 1000 DKK per month
  • LAN Internet traffic, 1 Gbit/s link, 200/200 Mbit/s cap: 1500 DKK per month
  • LAN Internet traffic, 1 Gbit/s link, 500/500 Mbit/s cap: 3000 DKK per month

To customers who have a direct fibre connection to our data center we also offer VoIP PBX telephony. Rates are listed below.

  • VoIP PBX basic fee (1 concurrent external call): 100 DKK per month
  • VoIP PBX Danish phone number: 50 DKK per month
  • VoIP PBX extra concurrent external line: 100 DKK per month
  • VoIP calls to Danish phone numbers: 0.21 DKK per minute
  • VoIP calls to Danish cell phones: 1.32 DKK per minute
  • VoIP calls to most foreign phone numbers (please contact us for details): 1.20 DKK per minute

Origo Cloud Price Calculator

If you need more than a few servers, please contact us for a custom price estimate.

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