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Jun 1,2017 No comments yet By Origo

OS2 and Origo launch infrastructure cloud for 55 Danish municipalities

OS2cloud.dk – a Danish infrastructure cloud for the public sector

The public digitalization network OS2 has launched an infrastructure cloud for 55 Danish municipalities and its other members. With the OS2cloud, members of OS2 can run OS2’s applications as well as other servers and applications in a new common infrastructure cloud. The cloud has been designed and built by Origo Systems.

The project is available at os2cloud.dk. Read more at OS2.

Danish public data is kept in Denmark

The municipalities will have access to a modern self-service cloud with one-click installation of OS2 products and selected standard servers. All services are delivered from data centres located in Denmark, so that OS2 memebers running servers and applications in OS2cloud will have full certainty that their data is kept in Denmark and is entirely under their own ownership and control.

An open App Store for public IT projects

The solution is based on open and well-documented components. For the rest of the year the cloud is free to use for OS2 members, and will be attractively priced compared to e.g. AWS and Azure going forward.

At launch selected OS2 products as well as selected standard servers will be available in the integrated OS2 App Store. The long-term goal is to make the entire OS2 product line available and invite other developers to publish their applications  in OS2 App Store. Commercial products will also be welcome. Focus will be on delivering robust and stable operations combined with a high level of security.

OS2 is a community of 55 Danish municipalities which aims to create better digital solutions for the public sector in Denmark.
At Origo Systems we develop and implement private clouds based on our own hardware and software stack.

Follow these links to know more about OS2 and Origo.
If you are interested in knowing more about the project, please leave a comment or contact us.

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