Managed Kubernetes Hosting

Kubernetes is quickly becoming the standard for running the back-end services that power apps, web sites, streaming services, in short – the stuff that is behind the services you use on your phone and desktop. While still a relative newcomer, Kubernetes is based on the same network technologies, that have powered the Internet for decades. At its core Kubernetes is Open Source, runs on Linux, and uses the tried and true stack of Linux-technologies like IPtables, containers, Cgroups, Systemd, NFS, etc., in combination with newer technologies like Etcd. Kubernetes is basically a portable, systematic and well-structured way of putting applications into production on Linux servers. That is why we have embraced it. If you are building a new application, we suggest you embrace it too, as early in your development process as possible. We also suggest you choose us to help you deploy, run and manage your Kubernetes applications. Here is why:

Kubernetes is Declarative and Portable

A Kubernetes application consists of Linux applications packaged as containers along with a description of the ressources needed to deploy, configure and run them. This description is usually a declarative YAML file which describes the ressources your application needs to run. How they are provided is up to the Kubernetes environment you are deploying to. This means that in general a Kubernetes application can be deployed on any Kubernetes environment. This is great news, since it means that you are not tied to a single vendor, but can deploy your Kubernetes application anywhere you choose.

We Know Kubernetes

Because Kubernetes is Linux and because Linux and the world of Open Source is our home turf, we already know Kubernetes like the back of our hands. Kubernetes in general makes it easy to deploy applications. If your applications stop working however, things are generally no so easy. The cost of Kubernetes apparent simplicity is what can be an overwhelming amount of complexity behind the scene that makes it all work. When things go wrong it is imperative to know the technologies at the base layer, in order to fix things quickly and efficiently. After decades of working with these technologies, that is exactly what we do.

We Can Help You Scale

Packaging an application as containers and deploying these to a Kubernetes cluster in principle makes it easy to scale, by simply adding more pods or ressources to your deployment. However as always, when it comes to performance and scaling, things are not as simple as they may seem. Very few applications scale well horizontally, if this is not considered from the start and baked into the application. And simply throwing more vertical ressources at an application is often a shortsighted and potentially expensive way of scaling. To scale a Kubernetes application efficiently, you need to know the bottlenecks at the base layers of your application. This is where we can help.

We Monitor and Secure Your Applications

Online monitoring solutions and Open Source projects like Prometheus has brought some long-needed order to service monitoring and metrics. We can of course help you measure and monitor your application’s performance, set up alerts and configure a metrics dashboard for your application. What matters most however is being able to handle alerts, issues and conditions that usually arise when you least need them. In our opinion that is where we shine. Because we know our operations stack from top to bottem, we can track down issues quickly and efficiently, locate root causes and fix them.

Your Data is Safe With Us

Our data centers are physically located in Denmark and all data is stored there, including backups and configuration data. We are subject to EU GDPR legislation and of course comply with this. We operate two data centers – one in Eastern Denmark (Copenhagen area) and one in Western Denmark (Aarhus area). This makes it possible for us to offer off-site backups and truly redundant two-site operations. The operations of Data Center West are ISO 27001 certified.

The First Step

The first step towards bringing your great new application to life is dropping us a line. Fill out the form below with a bit of information about your hosting needs, hit send, and we’ll get back to your within 2 working days.

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