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Commercial License

Stabile is currently in beta. A limited number of beta-testers are invited to test the software and provide feed-back. Once this phase has been completed, we will evaulate the results. When we have done this, and before releasing the final product, we will publish the commercial licensing details here, including, of course, pricing.

The reason for having a commercial license attached to an open source product is, of course, to try to establish a viable business model, so we can maintain the product, and hopefully improve it.

You must aquire a commercial license needed if you run Stabile on a total of more than 32 physical CPU cores in your organization.

For commercial license holders, the current plan is to implement a per physical core licensing model, with an estimated price per physical core in the 4 – 10 USD range per month, including technical support and 24/7 emergency support.

In general we guarantee, that if we succeed in having a substantial amount of paying licensees, we intend to decrease per license pricing, not increase. Our overall goal is to contribute to making solid, efficient, physical infrastructure management a commodity, not a luxury item.