Key mappings

The console has special key mappings because of several keyboard issues.

Keyboard mappings:

Ctrl + Alt + Delete = Ctrl + Alt + Backspace
Alt Gr = Ctrl + Alt
Alt + Tab = Alt + `

The special Alt Gr modifier is not available on Mac keyboards. Note: that key is mapped to Alt + Ctrl.

In addition, many special characters are placed entirely different on Mac keyboards compared to anything else. To get these special characters you need to type on the keyboard as if it were a keyboard on the virtual machine OS.

If you run the VNC client on the MAC and it’s connected to a linux server with danish keyboard layout:
| = Alt + Ctrl + ‘
\ = Alt + Ctrl + <
@ = Alt + Ctrl + 2
Mac (Danish)

Due to a bug in Snow Leopard it’s impossible to type backslash

\ = Alt + <