Origo Engine C1

Origo Engine C1 is the simplest way to give your organization a private cloud.
Deploy it to your server room, attach power and network cables, and you're good to go.
Scale out by adding boxes, or scale out to Origo Cloud: Private + Public = Hybrid

Origo Cloud

Origo Cloud is our public cloud offering.
As a client with Origo you always have access to running servers in Origo Cloud.
If you are running low on ressources in you private cloud, just "cloud-burst" to Origo Cloud.

Cloud Apps

Install a useful service in your organisation as easily as you install a new app on your phone.
Check out our apps .

WordPress server with unlimited virtual sites
Zimbra Collaboration Server
Mail server with CalDav + CardDav
Samba file server
File server with sync, easy mobile access