Open Source Private Cloud
(yes, you can run this on-prem)

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Cloud or On-prem

Run anything with a broad palette of services

All services can be run in Origo Cloud or you can install Origo OS and run them on-prem.

We offer and continously expand a selection of developer-friendly services, including basic IaaS, microservices with Kubernetes, packaged applications like MinIO, MongoDB and WordPress.


Move Your Existing Servers

Plain old Linux and Windows servers still run much of our critical infrastructure

Our platform offers sophisticated IaaS with low level access to virtual console and virtual hardware drivers, allowing organizations to lift-and-shift any of their servers. This means you can move all your servers to Origo Cloud or to your on-prem Origo OS environment.


Get Your Kubernetes On

We're fans, we have the t-shirts, the stickers on our laptops, and we'll help you with microservices too!

Containers, microservices and specifically Kubernetes have proven to to be a robust way of deploying and scaling services without much of the overhead that comes with IaaS. This is why we offer a full-fledged Kubernetes service, both managed and self-managed (with full access to the control plane).


Reach out - We're Here

Hands-on support is never more than a phone call, a ticket or an email away.

Origo Cloud and Origo OS comes with actual people in the other end. Origo Cloud comes with a ticket system included plus phone and email support, that give you direct access to a dedicated team, that actually knows and uses the services.

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Run virtual servers, services and microservices in Origo Cloud, starting at kr 100.00 per month. Scale up, scale down or pause. Pay only for actual usage. No service fee or minimum cost.

Super-fast SSD's

Secure by default

Email & phone support

Or Let the Locals Show You Around

Origo OS is open source, and can run in your data center too.

We have built Origo Cloud using Origo OS, and we use it on a daily basis. We will gladly help you build an on-prem cloud using Origo OS. We can also assist in moving your existing servers from VMware or other proprietary infrastructure - the process is usually painless, even for older Windows servers. You save on license costs, and get access to a modern IaaS.