Simple pricing

Pay only for resources you actually use, by the minute! No setup fee, no hidden costs, no minimum spend.

When you start one of our 1-click Cloud Apps, you know exactly what you will be paying each month your server runs full-time.
Have a look at some of our popular apps:
kr 100.00
kr 100.00
kr 150.00

Proven reliability your business can depend on

All our services come with a commitment to stability, performance and data integrity. We back this up with a service level agreement (SLA) guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime on all our infrastructure every month.

Track records matter!
For 5 years the entire IT operations of the City of Aarhus depended on Origo Cloud delivering world-class uptime and reliability. Simply put, if our infrastructure was not up to the task, an organization with 30,000 employees running a city of 1/2 million people would grind to a halt.
This has battle-hardened our platform and our organization, and helped us build a product suitable for running business workloads of all sizes.

1-click Cloud Apps

Install a useful service in your organisation as easily as you install a new app on your phone.
Check out our apps or watch a video.

WordPress server with unlimited virtual sites
Zimbra Collaboration Server
Mail server with CalDav + CardDav
Samba file server
File server with sync, easy mobile access

Private Cloud

Origo Engine C1 is the simplest way to give your organization a private cloud.
Deploy it to your server room, attach power and network cables, and you're good to go.
You can scale out to Origo Cloud or by adding boxes.
Feel free to build your own cloud, rebrand and resell - we love partners!

Easy to get started, scales with your needs.

In Origo Cloud you can run any OS you like.


Choose a 1-click Cloud App or upload an image. We support any OS.


Run your servers in our European cloud, or run on-premises.


Manage your servers, create and manage user accounts for your team.


Scale IOPS, vCPU's and memory, deploy hundreds of servers in minutes.

Are your server costs to high?
Is your business growing out of its server room?
Do your servers or mail servers need a performance boost?
Are you looking for a reliable, European cloud partner?

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