About Us

Origo Systems ApS

The promise of the Internet was always to connect the entire planet, and promote democracy through affordable connectivity and distribution of knowledge. Putting all our knowledge and connectivity in the hands of a few select global corporations with no strings attached flies in the face of this vision.


On the concrete level we work to promote responsibility and common sense with regards to IT operations and data management, specifically when data is placed in the “cloud”. The current, massive transition of data from local installations to the “cloud”, should happen under controlled circumstances, with demands placed on the vendors and with guarantees that data belonging to organizations and companies does actually belong to them. There should, in other words, be plans for and actual ways of controlled transfer of your data to other vendors, should this prove desirable or neccessary.


We believe that it is important with alternatives to centralization. So while we help our clients transfer data to and manage their operations in the cloud, we also believe in maintaining a certain level of local compenticies and operations. This is why we also offer the basic building blocks for setting up decentralized infrastructure clouds.