Origo Systems ApS

The promise of the Internet was always to connect the entire planet, and promote freedom and democracy through affordable connectivity and distribution of knowledge. Putting all our data, knowledge and connectivity in the hands of a few select, global corporations, with no strings attached, flies in the face of this vision. We believe it is important with alternatives to this massive centralization. To this end we are trying to build management and orchestration tools for running and maintaining a decentralized infrastructure.


On the more practical level, our core business has always been running other people’s stuff, i.e. servers and services. This we, like everyone else, have done in server rooms. We have always been a bit dissatisfied with the situation in our server rooms; the very diverse collection of switches, servers, storage arrays, even automated tape robots from various vendors. Put on top of this, an equally diverse collection of software for various tasks such as orchestrating servers and storage, network management, backup, monitoring, etc. We appreciate diversity, but like pretty much everyone else, we ended up with what could best be described as a bit of a mess. One way of understanding our software Stabile, is to view it as driven by a simple desire – to clean up our server rooms. While most of our industry seems to have chosen to clean up by leaving the mess to others (AWS et al.), we chose to clean up our own mess. To a large extent we finally feel we have achieved this.