Origo Software designs, develops and delivers software and scalable services that run on Kubernetes. We build beautiful apps and web applications that simply work, with a focus on microservices, API’s, Flutter and Go

Origo Operations helps enterprises automate their IT operations, cut software expenses and reduce service costs. We automate, simplify and streamline infrastructure and operations with Kubernetes and our Open Source software platform Stabile.

Microservices Development

At Origo we strongly believe in Open Source and celebrate the efficiency the modern, cloud native software stack has brought to the world of software development. We design, develop and deliver beautiful software using technologies like Go, Flutter, Kubernetes and of course Linux.
Hire us for your next microservices development project, and let us help you bring that amazing idea to life. Our team has decades of experience delivering software projects for customers of all sizes from startups to very large enterprises and public institutions.

Kubernetes Hosting

Building good software is hard. So is running infrastructure securely and efficiently. If you are building your services as microservices to run in Kubernetes, chances are your are busy building your new revolutionary software, and have little time to become an expert in operations, infrastructure and Kubernetes.
Sign up for our Managed Kubernetes services, and let us help you with your Kubernetes operations. We know Kubernetes inside out and can help you manage, secure and scale you Kubernetes infrastructure, whether it runs in Amazon, Google or on-prem.