Origo System helps enterprises automate their IT operations, cut software expenses and reduce service costs. We automate, simplify and streamline infrastructure with our Open Source software platform Stabile. We also design, develop and deliver software and highly scalable services using Go and Kubernetes.

Stabile Cloud

Stabile Cloud is the open source, public cloud for organizations who want to know exactly what happens to their data and who has access to it. Stabile Cloud allows you to run and manage virtual machines, networking and storage like e.g. AWS EC2 or Azure IaaS. Stabile Cloud also comes with several ready-to-run stacks, for running e.g. scalable Kubernetes clusters or setting up your own mail server.

The software that runs Stabile Cloud is published as Open Source and available for downloading and running on your own premises. No other cloud out there offers this. Unlike other offerings, we are completely comitted to openness, and offer complete transparency into how your data is handled.

Stabile Cloud is 100% European owned. We do not share your data with anyone.



Sign up for Origo Operations and let us continually organize and manage your workloads to ensure they run efficiently. We document every single server, how it is configured, which services it runs. We monitor your services, patch your servers, backup your data, make sure everything performs and then we report this to you on a monthly basis. All so your company can focus on the future. Ready to put microservices into production? we will help you with that.

Managed Kubernetes –  performance, security and scalability delivered

Building good software is hard. So is running infrastructure securely and efficiently. If you are building your services as microservices to run in Kubernetes, chances are your are busy building your new revolutionary software, and have little time to become an expert in operations, infrastructure and Kubernetes.
Sign up for our Managed Kubernetes services, and let us help you with your Kubernetes operations. We know Kubernetes inside out and can help you manage, secure and scale you Kubernetes infrastructure, whether it runs in Amazon, Google or on-prem.