Origo helps enterprises automate their IT operations, cut software expenses and reduce service costs. We automate, simplify and streamline infrastructure and operations with our Open Source orchestration software Stabile.

Are you looking to repatriate your cloud operations, move your legacy IT to a modern IaaS platform, run your microservices on bare metal? We can help every step of the way.


Sign up for Stabile Shift, and let us move your legacy servers and data to Stabile Cloud or your own on-prem cloud running Stabile, with no downtime during business hours and at a fixed price. We take the time to map your infrastructure and dependencies, plan and perform the move efficiently while minimizing risks.
Every single server and service is tested against agreed upon KPI’s and performance specs. In case of any trouble a roll-back is performed. After the move, we will help you power down your old environment and cancel existing service contracts.


Sign up for Stabile Operations and let us continually organize and manage your workloads to ensure they run efficiently. We document every single server, how it is configured, which services it runs. We monitor your services, patch your servers, backup your data, make sure everything performs and then we report this to you on a monthly basis. All so your company can focus on the future. When you are ready to put microservices into production, we will help you with that.



Stabile is our Open Source infrastructure software. Stabile orchestrates CPU ressources, storage and networking. Install Stabile to off-the-shelf server hardware, and put together an IaaS cloud using in a few hours. Package your software as Stacks that are easy to install and manage.  We have put together a small time-lapse video, showing how to install a small 2-node bare-metal Kubernetes cluster from a standard stack in the registry. Click the image to the left and kick back.