Origo helps companies simplify and automate their infrastructure, save on software license expenses and substantially reduce service costs.
We automate, simplify and streamline infrastructure and operations.

Be infrastructure-enabled, not infrastructure-restricted

With Stabile you don’t have to choose between maintaining legacy infrastructure to keep your legacy-applications running, and rewriting your applications as microservices.

Build an on-prem cloud in hours, not months

Repurpose existing servers with plenty of storage and memory, download Stabile, install, configure and have an on-prem infrastructure cloud up and running in a couple of hours. Connect more servers and PXE-boot them for automatic scaling of your cloud. Install one of the standard stacks from Stabile Registry, or import one of your existing VMware servers. Sit back and enjoy built-in backup, monitoring, user management, metered billing and an open API.


Stabile is our orchestration software for hyper-converged infrastructure.

You can install Stabile on any standard x86 hardware or on an Origo Engine, and manage virtual servers, storage and networking in a simple, intuitive interface or using or REST API.

Engine C2

Engine C2 is a hardware box for modular data centers.
The box integrates CPU’s, storage, networking, backup and emergency power.
Engine C2 is based on Intel’s Xeon D series of CPU’s, uses NVMe storage and has integrated 10 Gbit/s networking.