Origo helps companies automate their infrastructure, cut software expenses and reduce service costs.
We automate, simplify and streamline infrastructure and operations with our orchestration software, Stabile.

Build an on-prem cloud for legacy apps and Kubernetes

Repurpose servers with plenty of storage and memory, download Stabile, install, configure and have an on-prem infrastructure cloud up and running in a couple of hours. Connect more physical servers, and PXE-boot them for automatic scaling of your cloud. Install standard stacks from Stabile Registry, or import your existing VMware servers. Stabile includes simple, built-in backup, monitoring, user management, metered billing and an open API.

Or let us build it for you

We know Stabile like no one else. If you are looking to expand your existing infrastructure or set up a new data center, we can help.

Starting from USD 10,000 (hardware not included) we can design, install and customize your new self-service IaaS cloud. You can use existing or new hardware, or we can help all the way from the hardware specification and purchase process.

Drop us a line with your specific requirements to begin the process.

Stabile is our orchestration software for hyper-converged infrastructure.

You can install Stabile on any standard x86 hardware or on an Origo Engine, and manage virtual servers, storage and networking in a simple, intuitive interface or using or REST API.

Engine C2 is a hardware box for modular data centers we are working on.
The box integrates CPU’s, storage, networking, backup and emergency power. It is based on Intel’s Xeon D series of CPU’s, uses NVMe storage and has integrated 10 Gbit/s networking.