Cloud, On-Prem, Open Source.

Open Cloud Infrastructure


Stabile is software for building local clouds from a collection of standard hardware.

You can install Stabile on any standard x86 hardware or on the upcoming Engine C2, and manage services, servers, storage and networking in a simple, intuitive interface or using the REST API. Stabile is released as open source software.

Stabile Registry

Stabile Registry is the hub for applications and services that are available across clouds built with Stabile.

Apps published in Stabile Registry can be both open or closed source, free to use or for-pay.

Northcloud is a local cloud built using Stabile, targetting the public sector in Denmark. is part of an effort to make European, public infrastructure a bit more local and resilient. Read more about it at

We run Northcloud in cooperation with the I2/DTU, who provide secure data centers, security and world-class connectivity, all while keeping the Danish Internet Exchange Point humming.

Engine C2

Engine C2 is our coming hyper-converged hardware box for green data centers looking to automate operations and cut their energy bill in half.

The box will integrate CPU’s, storage, networking, backup and emergency power. It will be based on Ampere ARM CPU’s, use NVMe storage and come with integrated 10 Gbit/s networking. Launching in 2023.