Too much of a good thing?

Aug 31,2016 No comments yet By Origo


This is the AWS Management Console start page. Confused?

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Maintaining our infrastructure

May 23,2016 No comments yet By Origo

Technician Jakob Wadsager at work, hot-swapping a failed board in one of our Engines.

Origo Compute – IaaS for enterprises

Jun 6,2015 No comments yet By Origo

We will soon be launching our new compute service into a market which is dominated by huge players with near infinite ressouces, specifically Amazon and Google. We do however not think their compute products are very well suited for the typical enterprise client.

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Getting started with your Engine C1

May 20,2015 No comments yet By Origo

If you have ordered an Engine C1 or if you are just curious about how it works, read on. This post will try to give a brief overview of how to get an Engine C1 up and running, and how to fire up your first app on your new engine.
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