Open Source Cloud Computing

Stabile is an innovative and scalable cloud infrastructure platform that's easy to install and intuitive to use.
Stabile comes with a collection of built-in services, from Kubernetes to Wordpress, and you can easily build your own.
Download Stabile and build an on-prem cloud, or head over to Origo, which runs a cloud powered by Stabile.

Stabile at a glance:

Virtual server provisioning and management

Stabile intelligently provisions VM's on available hardware nodes using Linux' built-in KVM hypervisor. VM's and associated network and storage ressources, as well as rules for backup and monitoring may be bundled in collections called Stacks. Using Stacks as templates, Stabile can install complex services in a matter of seconds.

Software-defined networking

Stabile creates dedicated VLAN's on the fly, with a unique VLAN associated with every user account. Stabile also handles routing between external and internal IP addresses on each VLAN across available hardware nodes, as well as enforcement of access to specific ports.

Storage orchestration

Stabile uses ZFS as storage layer for the persistent storage of VM images and for network-attached storage. ZFS is also used for integrated backup and disaster recovery. Stabile can optionally format and configure any attached storage for easy and immediate use.

Automated provisioning of nodes

Stabile can be used on any Linux computer as a single-node test or development environment. For scaling out Stabile, more nodes are simply added using PXE boot. Nodes automatically add themselves to Stabile and make their ressources available.

Integrated backup with ZFS

Stabile can optionally back up all your data using ZFS snapshots. Any attached block-storage may be used. Stabile manages snapshotting as well as sending and receiving of snapshots. Point-in-time restores can be made using the API or the web UI.

Integrated ressource metering

Stabile keeps track of the ressouce usage of each registered user of your Stabile cloud. Usage is recorded with a 1-second granularity for storage, vCPU and network usage. Quotas may be set and are enforced by Stabile. Monthly averages are calculated, and are available through the API and in the web UI. This may be used for internal billing purposes.

Monitoring and reporting

Monitors may optionally be configured for your VM's. Stabile can monitor the storage usage and network availability of your services. Alarms can be configured with optional Slack and XMPP integration. Monthly uptime reports and running averages are available for configured monitors.

User and access management

Stabile is a multi-tenant system with built-in user management. Each user has a defined set of privileges and quotas. Optionally a Stabile cloud may be "linked" with the Stabile Registry, which allows for consolidated user management across various Stabile installations, e.g. for geographically distributed set-ups.