Microservices Development

Simply put, we bring your great product ideas to life as software. To be a little more precise, we build apps running in your phone or on the web using the amazing modern software development stack known as microservices. Microservices are the logical evolution of SOA using web 2.0, Open Source and the wonderful tools that have been born out of this. Microservices are quickly becoming the standard model for developing applications and putting them into production. The order this new paradigm brings to software development and operations is in our opinion long overdue. We think microservices is the future of Internet applications, we think the journey has just begun, and we would like to invite you along. Read on below to see what you can expect, if you choose us to develop your next project.


The centrepiece of most of our development efforts is the API. The API is the starting point for the development process and one of the main deliverables of any project. This is because the API is defined from what you what you want your application to do, and in turn specifies what your application can do, and how the tasks are divided between front-end and back-end. The front-end talks to the back-end using the API, so in essence your users interact interact directly with the API through the UI presented by your app or web site.

The Front-End

To your users, presentation, looks and smooth functionality is everything. We design and build your app and/or website, also known as the front-end in close collaboration with your team, possibly including test users early in the process. We are seasoned developers, and we do plain Swift, Java, HTML, Python and even PHP/WordPress if the situation calls for it, but our preferred way to deliver an front-end is using e.g. Flutter for the app and a Javascript framework for the web UI.

The Back-End

Our preferred choice of back-end platform is Kubernetes. Kubernetes in our experience the best way to achieve security, portability, maintainability and scalability, which are the properties what we aim for in the back-end services we deliver. We are fluent in Java, Python, C and more, but our preferred way to build the back-end services running your apps, are as Go applications, containerized to run in Kubernetes. 

The Process

Following initial meetings, we always present a formal proposal, specifying budget, schedule, mile-stones, deliverables and of course the functionality of the applications and services we will build. As an integrated part of every project you get access to our support system and a code repository containing the latest revisions of the project deliverables, so you can track progress at any time.

The First Step

The first step towards bringing your great new application to life is dropping us a line. Fill out the form below with a bit of information about your project, hit send, and we’ll get back to your within 2 working days.

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