Origo Cloud

Introducing Origo Cloud

– the easiest way to get your organization started with cloud computing.

Move your servers to Origo Cloud, simplify your IT operations, cut your costs

Origo Cloud is powered by our software platform Origo Compute, which delivers truly simple administration of virtual servers, storage and network. This translates into simplified operations: No more ressource-intensive management, no more backup planning, no more complicated monitoring, no more hardware investments and no expensive service contracts. IaaS the way we think it should be.

Upload your own virtual servers

Upload your own virtual servers
Your organization most likely already uses virtual servers. Simply upload your .vmdk or other supported image files, and start using your servers, and stop worrying about infrastructure and backups.

Install new servers and services in minutes

Build new servers in minutes Choose from a collection of popular server applications we have packaged and made available as Cloud Apps in our App Store, so you may build your organization’s new services in minutes.

You may also upload your own images, or upload an iso, create an empty image and install operating system and applications of your choice. To browse a selection of instructional videos for the apps mentioned above, and get a feel for the product, click here.

Manage and monitor your servers from a web browser

Manage with consoleStart your servers, access the console, manage your images, shapshot, clone, master, suspend, etc., all from your web browser.

Origo Compute also has built-in monitoring with an assortment of monitors available, including ping, and custom http(s). If a service goes down, you can be notified by email and/or XMPP alerts over e.g. Google Hangouts.

Connect securely with your own network

Connect securelyGetting your network securely connected to your servers running at a cloud operator, often in another country, is one of the main road blocks for cloud computing, particularly for clients in the public sector.

For clients in the Nordic region, we offer direct, affordable fibre connections to Origo Cloud, which does away with security and bandwidth considerations.

Backup included

Backup includedEven with your servers running in the cloud, with snapshots and clones of your images, the need for robust backup does not go away.

Origo Cloud backups are complete copies of your images, which you may use for complete restores, or for restoring individual files, all managed from your web browser.

No lock-in

No lock-inOrigo Cloud uses industry-standard qcow2  images. These are always available for download. This means that you will always be able to download your all your servers disks as image files, and deploy these in another virtualization environment.

All-inclusive pricing

We charge by the minute for average monthly usage of vCPU’s (#), shared storage and direct-attached SSD storage (GB) and Internet traffic (GB). No hidden costs. Your current usage is always readily available.

Origo Cloud allows your IT organization to free ressources from infrastructure maintenance, and focus on your organization’s applications which is ultimately what matters. At the same time you save money.

Origo Compute 1.2

Origo Compute 1.2 is our newest release of the software stack which powers Origo Cloud and Origo Engine. It adds a number of new, great features:

  • HTML 5 Terminal: No longer any need to fire up a Java applet to access your server teminals
  • Image resizing: Resize your qcow2 images
  • Snapshots: Snapshot your virtual server’s image for easy roll-back before upgrades etc.
  • Statistics: Graphic display of your servers vitals, including disk usage and network I/O

Get started now or contact us if you want to learn more about our product or set up a meeting with a hands-on demo.