Stabile Cloud

Features and Security

Stabile Cloud is our public IaaS offering powered by our Open Source infrastructure software Stabile, which provides all of the features you need to run and manage legacy workloads (i.e. Windows Servers) as well as microservices (i.e. Kubernetes), securely and with great performance. To read more about the specifics, please read the documentation for the Stabile software.
Stabile Cloud is run in SAE 3402 and/or ISO27001 compliant data centers in Denmark. The physical security of these locations is top-notch.

Data security is however more than physical security. The defining feature of enforceable and validable data security is transparency. This is a major between Stabile Cloud and public clouds like AWS and Azure: the orchestration sofware that runs these is not open, it is very much closed – you simply do not know what is going on with your data in these clouds, and very little about the security of your data. With Stabile Cloud you have complete transparency, because you have access to the source code of the software that runs it, and can even choose to download the software and run your own cloud.

Another pressing issue for many offering digital services in the EU is that, if you want to offer digital services in the EU, you have to abide by EU law and the EU GDPR regulations, including the consequences of the Schrems II ruling. Stabile Cloud is 100% European owned and operated, which means that there are no issues regarding transfer of personal data to third countries, when running your services in Stabile Cloud.

Running microservices in Stabile Cloud

Most organizations are looking to implement new services as microservices. Usually this means packaging applications as container images, and running them in Kubernetes. This is why Stabile and by extension Stabile Cloud has strong support for Kubernetes – both for development and production. Using our pre-packaged Kubernetes stack, you can get a multi-node Kubernetes cluster up and running in just a couple of minutes. Our Kubernetes stack includes support for Kubernetes load-balancers and includes both local and shared storage classes.

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Moving Legacy Workloads to Stabile Cloud

Many organizations still run large collections of legacy workloads (i.e. Windows Servers) in their own server rooms or with a hosting provider, and maintain all the infrastructure needed for this, like backup services, a operations team on-duty 24/7, etc. This is costing a lot of money, that could be better spent on new services. This is why Stabile Cloud allows you to run any legacy workload – not just a curated selection of prepackaged images. In fact you can import any VMware image directly into Stabile Cloud and run your old Windows server without complications.
To get help moving your legacy workloads to Stabile Cloud and shut down your old servers,  schedule a meeting with out team, and sign up for Stabile Shift. In most cases your servers and storage can be moved to Stabile Cloud and tested in a matter of a few weeks.


The pricing in Stabile Cloud is very simple. We charge per second for ressource usage. Usage is calculated as the average usage per month, and we charge on a monthly basis. There is no minimum usage. The ressources we charge for are listed below.

  • Memory: 40.00 DKK / GB / month
  • vCPU: 80.00 DKK /vCPU / month
  • External IPv4-address: 20.00 DKK / month
  • Local SSD storage: 1.00 DKK / GB / month
  • Shared storage: 0.50 DKK / GB / month
  • GPU (GTX 1070 or 1080): 800 DKK / GPU / month

Some of our pre-packaged stacks come with a monthly discount like e.g. the standard Ubuntu stack, which we currently offer at 100 DKK per month or the Kubernetes stack, which we currently offer at 300 DKK per month. Please note that the discounts are subject to change.
For an extra monthly fee, most of the stacks are available as managed services, which simply means that our staff will assist with configuration, monitor the services and perform basic maintenance tasks to make sure they run and keep running smoothly.
If you add ressources like more memory, disk storage or vCPU’s to stacks, these ressources are charged according to the prices above.
Please reach out to us for special pricing, e.g. if you want to purchase a managed service contract, can commit to a long-term usage contract, expect substantial usage or have special requirements.