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Dec 21,2021 No comments yet By Origo

Origo Cloud Adds New Avalability Zone

Effective immediately Stabile Cloud is now available in a new availability zone engine2-dk-east, served from what we consider the ideal data center in the Copenhagen Area. We are extremely excited to have entered into an agreement with I2 about providing infrastructure and comptentencies for Stabile Cloud. The new environment is available at https://stabile.io/cloud or may be reached directly at https://engine2.stabile.io.

The data center we have chosen for our new availability zone is the data center that runs the Danish Internet Exchange point also known as the DIX. This location and in particular the company running it, I2, and the very competent personel that manage the infrastructure at the location, ensure a very high level of availability and uptime, as well as second-to-none network bandwith and network latency for clients in Denmark. Simply put – if the DIX is down, so is the Danish Internet. The historically very high stability of the DIX gives us confidence, that Stabile Cloud with this added location can deliver even better connectivity, availability and stability to our clients.

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