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Oct 19,2022 No comments yet By Origo

We should have a plan for when Russia cuts our Internet

Here in DK that is. Just saying…

Some years back, when Origo was responsible for a large chunk of the digital infrastructure for the authorities in Aarhus Municipality, we were required to maintain a “disaster recovery plan”, outlining among other things what to do if both of our data centers were somehow made inaccessible. Since we ran websites, email, etc. for the local authorities, how would they inform the public in a situation where our community was hit by some sort of disastrous situation? Well, among other things we were required to maintain a website hosted in some other physical locality, that could be used to inform the public. The domain chosen was “katastrofeberedskab.com” and we chose to host it in a Swiss data center, and just as importantly with the DNS zone located with a service provider in Switzerland because well, Switzerland. The idea being, that if Aarhus was hit by some kind of disaster, we could at least rely on cellular networks and the rest of the world being still somewhat functional.

Today the situation is somewhat reversed. It is probably more likely that our digital connections to the rest of the world become dysfunctional, than that the digital infrastructure of Aarhus or Denmark becomes dysfunctional. So, in case we get disconnected, which name-servers should I use? will E-boks / Digital Post / NemID / MitID work? Which authorities can still perform their daily work? How do the authorities inform me?

There probably is, but I, for one, would just like to know that there in fact is a plan.

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