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Dec 10,2021 No comments yet By Origo

Running a MinIO Object Storage Service in Stabile

MinIO has emerged as the solution of choice for providing fast, scalable, portable and S3-compatible object storage – i.e. S3-storage without vendor lock-in.
Reliable object storage is relevant if you need to store large amounts of photos, videos, log files, backups or other relatively unstructured data, and particularly useful if you also want http(s) access to this data out of the box.

We provide two easy ways to install and use MinIO in any Stabile cloud:

  1. A stand-alone MinIO stack so you can get a MinIO service up and running in a matter of a few minutes in any Stabile cloud. The stack installs the stand-alone binary version of MinIO and provides access to the MinIO web console through an Apache proxy.
  2. A guide to getting MinIO up and running in a Stabile Kubernetes environment. Installing MinIO as a Kubernetes service is a bit more complex, and particularly relevant if you already use Kubernetes and need a very scalable object storage solution.


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