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Origo OS is a product, which aims to be useful for a diverse spectrum of people interested in infrastructure, from individual developers, hobbyists which maintain a small home lab, to IT administrators in large corporations. Licensing our software to such a broad set of use cases, while combining our love for open source with the need for a sustainable business model, is no easy task. Below are the licenses we have chosen for the elements which make up the product.

For developers

Anyone who wants to modify or redistribute the Origo OS source code is allowed to do so, so long as they abide by the Origo Open Source License.

Before downloading the source code, you must read the license. If you do not agree to the licensing terms, please do not download the code. Please note that we have chosen to license the distinct components of our product under different licenses.

For end users and IT administrators

If you intend to download and use Origo OS, either as a .deb-package or by building and installing the software yourself, you must accept the Origo OS End User License Agreement (EULA). Please read and agree to this, before installing or using the software.

Commercial License

If you intend to install and use the Origo OS on more than 24 physical CPU cores in one of the following scenarios, you must aquire a commercial license from us. Please reach out to us in order to inquire about a commercial license if you:

  • intend to use Origo OS in a professsional and/or commercial context, e.g. for managing server infrastructure within a commercial entity or institution
  • need to customize the Origo OS Web Client
  • intend to use Origo OS Server to build a PaaS, IaaS or SaaS offering
  • intend to use Origo OS in a large organization
  • for legal or other reasons, cannot abide by the Origo Open Source License or the EULA

3rd Party Licenses

Both the Web UI and Origo OS Server bundle best-of-breed open source technologies. They are licensed to you when you use the Origo OS releases under the same terms that they are normally shared with the world. For the detailed list of 3rd party open source licenses, see the 3rd Party Licenses page.