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Planned Features

Below, in prioritized order, is a list of features we are working on for future Origo OS releases:

  1. Move stacks between engines
    • The idea is to make it possible to easily move stacks, i.e. collections of servers, images, network configurations etc., from one engine to the other. A typical use case scenario could be moving an environment from test into production.
    • The engines one would be able to move stacks between would be the engines registered under the same account in the registry.
    • A requirement would be that it is possible to establish a network connection from the source engine to the target engine. This would cover the above use case, since test engines will typically be located on internal networks, while production engines will typically be on a public network.
    • Possibly we will support a “plugin architecture” so that other targets may be supported, like e.g. public clouds. In other words we are investigating the possibility of e.g. moving stacks directly onto say Digital Ocean or Google Cloud.
  2. Virtual / hosted IPv4 Addresses
    • The idea here is to make it possible to host stuff on an engine which does not have access to a public IPv4 range.
    • In addition to the existing connection types (mapped, external, internal) a new would be introduced – “virtual” connections.
    • When activated, virtual connections would make a ssh connection to the registry, which would serve/front the IPv4 addresses, and reverse port mappings would be established for the selected ports.
    • This would of course require that the engine be linked with the registry.
    • Pricing tbd.

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