Link Engine and Install a WordPress Server

In this guide we will link an existing Stabile installation, what we call an “engine”, to the Stabile Registry at Linking an engine gives you access to more standard stacks, like a WordPress stack, and allows you to sync user accounts between multiple engines, i.e. one for development and one for testing. It also gives your engine access to the DNS services the registry provides.

Once the engine is linked and stacks are downloaded, we will install a WordPress server as an example of how Stabile stacks work.

Stabile is currently in public beta. To limit fradulent signups, we currently only accept signups and linking of engines from Scandinavia or by explicit invite. If you would like an invite, drop us a note, and we will send you a promocode.


  • Link an engine to the Stabile Registry and download stacks
  • Install a WordPress server from a downloaded stack


  • A single-node Stabile installation
  • Solid Internet connectivity
  • At least 500 Gb free storage on the partion used for image storage

Link your engine

  1. First go to and sign up
    • For now this requires that you either are located in Scandinavia or have a valid promocode
  2. Now go to your Stabile web client (https://your-engines-name/stabile)
  3. If you are currently logged into your Stabile installation with the same username (i.e. your email address) you just signed up with at, skip to step 8. Otherwise Go to the “Users” tab in the web.
  4. Click on “New user” and create a user with the username you signed up with at
  5. Now click on the username you are currently logged in with and add your username to the field “Other accounts”. Fill out the field “Privileges to other accounts” with an “a”. Click “Save”
  6. Reload the web client, i.e. reload the current web page.
  7. Click your username in the upper right corner, and select your username.
  8. In the dashboard click on “Link Engine…” in the right pane.
  9. Type the password you signed up with at and click “Link”.
  10. Several images should now start downloading from the registry.

Install a WordPress server

  1. Go to the images tab, select “All” from the “Show: ” dropdown.
  2. Wait for the WordPress image to complete downloading.

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