Every account in Origo OS is assigned an internal IPv4 address space on a dedicated VLAN. The assigned VLAN is a 12 bit integer (max. value 4094) of the form ABCD. The internal IP addres space is of the form: Following this scheme, a VLAN of e.g. 204 would correspond to the internal network, 24 would correspond to, and so on.

“Connections” are your VM’s network connections either to your internal network space (VLAN) , or to the Internet.

Origo OS also makes two types of NAT’ed connections availble – one is the native Qemu NAT’ed networking, which provides DHCP and DNS (built in) with IPv4 addresses in the range and the other being the native Libvirt NAT’ed networking – the Libvirt “default” network, which also provides DHCP and DNS (using dnsmasq) in the range. These connections only provide outgoing Internet access, and are primarily intended for test purposes. Please note that the native Qemu NAT has a lot of overhead and thus poor performance.

Origo OS uses the kernel module br_netfilter to isolate VM’s using Libvirt NAT from each other (for obvious security reasons).