Nodes are the physical computers your virtual machines run on. They also provide access to and manage storage and networking in concert with the administration node running Origo OS.

Nodes are PXE-booted from a root directory made available by Origo OS over NFS. Once booted, they are available for running VM’s. If they have local storage, this may be used for images, otherwise they use shared storage.

The NFS root a node boots from is called its “identity”. Origo OS ships with a single, default identity which as of now is based on Ubuntu 18.04. In the future we may add more identities.

Nodes may be put to sleep after a specified amount of iddle time. In other words, if no VM’s are running on a node for a while, it is either shutdown or put in S3 sleep state (if available). This is of course in order to save power.

Please note that administration of nodes is only available to Origo OS user accounts with admin privileges.